Friday, December 19, 2008

Unexpected Celebrations

Every time we are in Oaxaca I feel like there is a celebration lurking around every corner. What are the fireworks for? Why the parade? What is the loud speaker for? Is that house playing music for the whole neighbourhood?

I really don't know. I can't possibly know. Sometimes I can broker a guess, but in Oaxaca, and in Mexico in general, there are thousands of reasons to have a parade, fireworks, mariachi, and various other noise making, people gathering events. I love rounding a corner and bumping in to any one of these unexpected celebrations.

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BethO said...

Ok. Now you have made me check my attitude. While visiting my in-laws in a small town Mexico we (and, more to the point, the baby, who had enough trouble sleeping in the heat) were awakened at 5am by the next-door house playing Mañanitas, happy birthday songs to the Virgin Mary for her day, loud enough for the whole neighborhood. Ok. And why is it necessary to set off fireworks for EVERYTHING? But ok. I will take this as the way you are taking this sort of thing. You convinced me.... Thank you... But I may never be able to go back to the person I was before...