Monday, December 1, 2008

Arriving Zihuatanejo

From surfer's paradise in Playa Nexpa to Shark Attack zone between Troncones and Playa Linda, surfers arriving to this stretch of Mexico have much to dream about and be wary of.

In Lazaro Cardenas, the local cycling representatives hosted us in a lovely taco feast and then joined us on the early part of our early morning ride out of town. Eli brought along his cycling gifted, long-legged son who dreams of being a downhiller. We enjoyed their company for the first 20 kms before they turned back to their daily routines and we turned forward doing our best to stay ahead of the heat. Our efforts paid off. Before we knew it we were admiring the coconut groves of Playa Linda and meandering our way over one last seemingly endless coastal hill into the hustle bustle of my former home Zihuatanejo

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