Thursday, November 6, 2008

Milky Michoacan

I have no idea if the cow is a dairy cow or not, but the gorgeous fade from brown to black mesmerized me enough to stop my bike. Can a cow be majestic?

The state of Michoacan loves its milk and it is possible to still find milk delivered all natural, unhomogenized, unpasturized to people's doors. One day, while out wandering around Quiroga, I stumbled across two gentlemen on horseback with their morning milk that they were taking in to town. I wished I had a jar to take some back to Basil to offer up for our kefir, but, even though I do like to collect them, I'm not in the habit of walking around with empty jars.

Instead we had to settle for one of my favourite Michoacan treats: the energetico! The energetico is a big cup with layers of fresh seasonal fruit and yoghurt topped with any combo of nuts, amarynth or chocolate sprinkles.

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Miss Crowland said...

That cow is indeed magical.