Friday, November 28, 2008

Sandstone Guadalupe

Heading straight away from Tecoman across the flat hot Colima coastal plain, lime trees give way to banana trees, the state of Colima gives way to Michoacan, and hot flats give way to growing hills. Our trip takes a turn into a much more remote stretch of coast.

Past La Placita the land is ejido land. It is communally owned by the Nahuatl people (descendants of the Aztecs). All decisions about the lands are made by the community. For over 100 km development is little more than some small scatterings of palapas (thatched structures), small cinder block buildings, and a few randomly supplied corner stores. Life is focused mainly around the sea and on the weekend and holiday crowds that rush to the beach to escape the chilly interior of Mexico. Life moves at an entirely different pace here. Our first sampling of this is having a sloooow breakfast while lounging under an enramada at Playa San Telmo. This little beach is home to one of my favourite Guadalupe shrines in the country.

November brings the eagle, sting, and manta rays in close to shore and at this beach they are always active. This year while swimming the manta rays were soaring below and leaping out of the water all around us. It's not exactly a comfortable feeling when the waves are rough and the visibility is less than clear. Always shuffle your feet on entering and leaving this beach it gives any stingrays that might be resting in the sand the warning they need to clear out of your way.

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