Saturday, November 29, 2008

El Faro

There is a place that I like to go to when I need to drift away from where ever I am. For me it is the perfect place to get completely away from it all and fortunately it is not an imaginary place, but a real live place that I have had the pleasure of visiting several times. This place calls itself El Faro after the lighthouse that sits atop the far end of her gloriously golden beach. 3km of cement road whisks you away from highway 200 to a ramshackle collection of cinder block houses and palapas and two or three corner stores filled with mistreated produce and a huge assortment of packaged goods, but this is not what you come for.

You come for the unspoiled chicle sand that slopes dramatically down to tall waves that break hard and pull you into a steady tumble if you don't time your entrance into the water just right. Once in you are quickly rushed by schools of surgeon and goat fish or carefully inspected by darting sargent majors. Pay attention to the whirling pools of yellow foam that upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be thousands of tiny prawn-like creatures.

You also come to visit with Angelita and her family who graciously produce delicious hand-made tortillas while Guero the yellow-headed parrot looks on. Life is slow and simple.

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pathebikeguy said...

Sounds like you found paradise!