Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta

There is just something really special about Puerto Vallarta that I haven't felt in any of the other resort destinations that we visit. Each one has its own distinct vibe, but the vibe that is PV is one of quality and grace. Now, the side that I know is, of course, not the mega high-rise and insular resort side, but rather the cobbled, low-rise, economical, and gritty side. Nothing is ever quite perfect in my Mexico and that is where the beauty lies, in the perfectly imperfect.

The thing that always overwhelms me about arriving in Puerto Vallarta is how lusciously green it is. The view from where I could grab an internet signal in our hotel looks like this:

As I wander around the cobbled streets of the old quarter poking into interesting gourmet shops, galleries, and boutiques, I always catch myself thinking, "I could live here". It helps that the supermarket is full of obscure necessities like maple syrup, tahini, blueberries, and pomegranite syrup. Sure there is the same level of tourist trash, but pomegranite syrup! Need I say more? Good food comes to you on a skewer on the beach.

While munching on BBQ'd shrimp I like to watch the well-oiled parasailing outfit at work. It is so scientific that I've almost caught myself considering giving it a whirl (something I would never ever ever do in our former home town Zihuatanejo)

This trip I was blown away by the quality, and variety of sculptures that line the fully repaired board walk which was considerably damaged in late 2002 by Hurricane Kenna.

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