Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I love Bizihuanas

The "best" bike shop in Mexico happens to be in Zihuatanejo. I might be exaggerating a little as I have far from seen all Mexican bike shops, but I have seen a good many. And, while it's true, I have most recently found the "best stocked" bike shop in Mexico to be in Oaxaca City, the "best" bike shop in Mexico continues to be in Zihuatanejo.

In the spring of 2007, Alejandro significantly amplified his business offering full service repair, a wide of inventory, and mountain bike rentals and tours of all levels. While he has or can get most anything a cyclist might need or want, the most valuable part of his bike shop is his gifted mechanical ability, quick smile, irresistible personality, and his charming wife Lucy who quietly provides the glue that holds the whole show together. Together they are quickly growing the sport of cycling in the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo area.

If you're in the Zihuatanejo area, stop by Bizihuanas to say hello. Alejandro speaks fluent English and is well-versed in road cycling, mountain biking, and bike touring. His shop can be found at 39 Calle Cuauhtemoc which starts out as a pedestrian street and runs up from the sea-side basketball court (which doubles as town square). Walking in this direction he is on the left hand side. Tell him Cactus Flower sent you.


Basil Yokarinis said...

Of course you can also find Alejandro on the web:

BiciClan said...

Maybe you´d like to see some photos of our tours. We are Biciclan Zihuatanejo and Alejandro Juárez road with us. Come and see them in http://biciclan.blogspot.com/