Monday, December 1, 2008

Views of the Pacific

Down zee hill, over zee bridge, uuup zee hill (deep breath in) down zee hill, over zee bridge, uuup zee hill...

This is how Len summarized the 96km ride between Maruata and Nexpa. Now, Len wasn't feeling well and so, for him, this day lacked a little of the regular sparkle it usually has, but his words do accurately describe the see-saw start out of Maruata. However, what he doesn't describe is the explosion of white flowers of the bocote trees which fill the all encompassing forest that engulfs this sinew of Highway 200, he doesn't describe the magpie jays that race alongside as you rhythmically plod along, the scurry of startled lizards in the scratchy dry leaves that fill the shoulder, and the buzz of a full band of roadside cicadas that wax and wane their enthusiasm like baseball fans doing the wave at Yankee stadium. He also neglects to highlight that this day has some of the most arresting views of the Pacific in Mexico.

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