Friday, December 12, 2008

Santiago Jamiltepec

It seems like an easy day out of Puerto Escondido. The road rolls gently along. A little extra push on the downhill is enough to propel you up the the neighbouring hill. Slithering along through lagoons and cattle ranches, the shade is cool and energizing. After a long rest on the beach you feel ready to take on all of Mexico, but this feeling slowly dwindles as the day heats up and the gently rolling terrain dries out. As you rest up with a cold drink in hand at the bottom of this day's "big climb", you might wonder how, with so many mountain ranges between Oaxaca and this point, this day is often deemed "the toughest" of the tour. But once you near the top of the never-ending searing hot 10k climb you understand.

Thankfully, the warm welcome of Santiago Jamiltepec is all embracing. Walking around the center you are likely to cross paths with barefoot spotlessly dressed Mixtec men and women who have come in from more rural areas to buy sell and trade.

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